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Professional Summary

A Los Angeles based cinematographer, director and editor. An innovative thinker, who is able to bridge the gap between an idea and the final product. She completes projects efficiently, producing professional video content that is competitive with the current business market. Allison is currently furthering her education and training at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in the MFA Film and Television Production program.


Cinematography  Photography  Content Management    Branding 
Social Media
   Video Editing   Creative Initiatives

2013-Present | Los Angeles 

-Head of Breath LA media department.

-Schedule, hire and train media staff for live event coverage.

-Switchboard operator and director for live stream.

-Directs cinematographers and gaffers for coverage of live concerts and church services.

March 2020 | Los Angeles 

Pretty Bird Anderson Paak, Justin Timberlake "Don't Slack" Video 

-Production intern for Director CALMATIC.

February  2020 | Los Angeles 

RaynaVerse AXE Campaign Commercial 

-Camera operator for King Bach.

-2nd Assistant camera. 

March 2018 | Los Angeles 

Popp Rok "Nice for What" Music Video 

-Shadow for DP Bérénice Eveno on Drake music video “Nice for What.”

July 2017 & August 2018 | Inglewood 

-Intern for Director Tina Mabry on episode “Hella Shook.”

-Intern for DP Ava Berkofsky on season 3.

Insecure Production Intern

March 2017 | Los Angeles 

-Producer for web series “That Guy” Season 3.

-Editor for “Chef Julian” S2 and “Hello Cupid” Season 3.
-Production assistant on “Roomieloverfriends” Session 3 Finale.

Black & Sexy TV

Class of 2020 | Los Angeles, CA

USC School of Cinematic Arts

Masters Degree

Award: George Lucas Fellowship 

Concentration: Film and Television Production

Class of 2018 | Los Angeles, CA

AFI Cinematography Intensive Program for Women 

Work Experience

Breath LA Productions 


Class of 2015 | Amherst, MA

Hampshire College 

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Award: James Baldwin Scholarship

Concentration: Film/Video Production & Africana Studies


“Look closely at the present you are constructing: It should look like the future you are dreaming.” –Alice Walker 

In a discussion hosted by The Hollywood Reporter, cinematographer Bradford Young describes this perspective as a filmmaker’s accent.


My accent story begins in Jamaica. My identity as a Caribbean American shows up in my work continuously through themes of displacement and self-acceptance. I was a little black girl from Inglewood, California, who wanted to be a cinematographer and director. To this day, I am not entirely sure where the conviction came. At the time, I had no knowledge or examples of cinematographers or directors that looked like me. However, I was blessed with a strong spirit and convinced myself that I, too, was capable of inspiring others through camerawork and operation.


My universal goal as a filmmaker is to create pieces that enlighten and provide new outlooks on established ideas and experiences. I found my voice while capturing the teary eyes of a mother in South LA who lost her child to gun violence and the dancing feet of orphans in the WEMA center of Mombassa, Kenya. Although these are not the only communities I aspire to depict in my work, these experiences have become my foundation, and these everyday people have informed my accent. 


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